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Our Vision in climate sustainability

Climate sustainability is a serious and relevant topic for us, and Euromed’s purpose is entirely rooted in it. Our passion for nature puts climate sustainability action at the center of our business strategy and we are fully committed to accelerate our journey towards a climate-neutral society.

Net-zero Environment

As a global natural extracts leader, we play our full part in preserving and reinstating planet’s health. Improving the environmental sustainability of our business contributes into delivering natural solutions under a long term goal, a journey towards achieving Net-Zero impact across all our value chain.

At Euromed, we are committed with:

Euromed group netZero icon wind mill green technolgy

Renewable energy

Obtaining all our energy from external renewable sources or internal solar panels

Euromed group netZero gear with leafs

Energy efficiency

Boosting the implementation of energy efficiency measures to lower GHG emissions and other pollutants

Euromed group netZero hand recieving drop water

Water Consumption

Upgrading our processes to reduce water consumption and enhancing the reuse of purified water in our operations

Euromed group netZero electric car

Electric Vehicle

We have installed Smart EV Charging Stations at our Sites in Spain

Euromed group netZero reciclable official sign

Waste Management

Fostering and bonding circular economy across all our value chain

Euromed group netZero green truck with leafs efficient distribution


Fostering the transportation of our products through the less polluting means of transport

Employees & Governance

Employees, Partners and Communities are decisive for Euromed’s prosperity. And Euromed is responsible for ensuring that human rights and ethics are respected both within the Company and its Partners. We are committed to ensuring equal opportunities and providing a healthy working environment for all our employees.

Euromed group Employees different colours hands inclusion

Inclusion and Diversity

Nurturing an inclusive and diverse organization to bring premium nature into the world

Euromed group Employees gear on center with white cross safe wellness

Safety and Wellbeing

Ensure that solid safety processes and wellbeing policies shape the way we work

Euromed group Employees balancing with Euromed logo symbol


We encourage a strong business integrity and compliance culture at its highest standards

Euromed group Employees arrows entering on people customer

Customer Centric

We deliver innovative and scientific solutions to strengthen our business partnership

Euromed group Employees people on community

Local Communities

Fostering and supporting our local communities to bring value in society

Euromed group Employees hand shake responsible

Responsible Sourcing

Partnering with sustainable and driven-ethic suppliers is key

We connect with nature and create sustainable extracts

Euromed Group Circular Green Economy info graphic Take Make Reuse


The main objective of the initiative is to promote the sustainability of our processes by generating a circular economy model.

EarthColors® Project

In collaboration with Archroma®, waste materials
from the Saw Palmetto extraction of Prosterol®
are up-cycled in order to develop traceable and
patented natural-based dyes.

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If you want to know more about Sustainability at Euromed,

please, download our 2022 Sustainability Report.

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